Head-scarf issue: parent to file case in court against principal

Head-scarf issue: parent to file case in court against principal

 10 May 2010 – 1:08pm. Indian Muslim By TCN News,

 Alappuzha: The father of the girl who was ousted from school for wearing the head-scarf will file a case against the school principal in the court today. Naseer Musliyar, father of Nabala who was ousted from the Believers Church English Medium School in Alappuzha, will reportedly file the case at the Alappuzha Chief Judicial Magistrate Court. The petition asks the court to direct the police to register a criminal case and make an inquiry on the matter. The petition also reportedly accuses that the Principal Mary Jaseenta has taken measures which wound communal harmony and that the mention in the TC that ‘headscarf is not allowed’ would hurt religious feelings. The case is being filed as the district Collector refused to direct the Superintendent of Police to register a criminal case against the principal even at the request of the parent, explained Adv Najeeb, the lawyer of Naseer Musliyar. In another development, the Nadvathul Mujahideen requested the leaders of the Christian Church to be cautious of the measures that destroy the communal harmony and cultural heritage of Kerala. Torturing those who dress in a modest way and forcing to observe Christian practices should be changed. The government should be ready to take strong action against any educational institution which instigates communal hatred. Dr Hussain Madavoor (national general secretary of the Indian Islahi Movement), Dr EK Ahmed Kutty (president, Nadvathul Mujahideen), CP Umer Sullami (general secretary, Nadvathul Mujahideen), etc spoke at the programme held in Kozhikode yesterday. The head-scarf row arose in Kerala when the girl named Nabala was thrown out of the Believers Church English Medium School in Alappuzha allegedly for wearing a head-scarf. Political and religious leaders and organisations have come up against the act of the school principal Mary Jaseenta, calling it anti-democratic and violating individual and religious freedom. Several organisations organised demonstrations to the school to express their protest in the school’s act. Inquiries were made into the incident in the state-level and district level which reportedly proved the school had done wrong. However, the school management maintained that the school has made no ban on the head-scarf and that the accusations made against it were wrong. The district Collector had convened a meeting of both parties last day. The girl’s father Naseer Musliyar is filing a case with the court as the Collector refused to direct the police to make an inquiry into the matter considering it a criminal offence.

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