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Three tribals( Paroja community) are arrested in koraput district due to their food practice( killing cow to eat the meat.)

Three tribals( Paroja community) are arrested due to killing cow to eat the meat.

Dear friends,

This is very disturbing news from Koraput tribal dominated district of Orissa. There was a news in Oriya daily Samaj & Sambad on 11th of August that four tribals( Jhinu Jani, Bhagban paroja, Dhanpati paroja from the paroja community of Baipariguda block were arrested by Baipariguda police station in charge of killing a cow, which the villagers purchased from the nearby market paying Rs.1300. Four people have fled away from the village in fear of police arrest.

While the tribals are dressing the cow meat for distribution the community members some VHP , bajarang dal and RSS people came there and stopped the people and informed the local police station and police arrested four tribals. As per the news they were arrested in charge of killing the cow.

Some Questions are coming to my mind.

How tribals can be arrested for eating cow of course they have to kill the cow for meat. This is a tradition that different tribals eat cow meat in different festivals. Perhaps this is for the first time in Orissa that some tribals are arrested for eating cow meat.

When people are eating goat, chicken, ship meat what is wrong for some people to eat cow meat? When I asked some of my friends about the news they told me that there is a law of 1960 about ban against killing of Cow. Is there any law like that in Orissa ? If at all that should be scraped immediately.

I searched the net but could not able to find out anything. IF anybody has any news please circulate that.

Let us not forget that there is PESA which gives freedom to the tribals to practice the tradition of their own. In many festivals in Orissa thousands of goat, chicken are killed/sacrificed before God & Goddess but nobody is arrested.

This is a clear case of violation of tribal’s right to Food.

In health reason like spreading of Anthrax is a different thing. But tribals should not be arrested because of their food practice.

Petition to VC of Delhi University – please sign

Dear all,

Below is the Petition that is going to be submitted to the Vice Chancellor of Delhi University on the eviction of students from under-graduate hostels for the Commonwealth Games. As you will read below the effects of this are on many more than just the 1200 students actually evicted.
Do read and sign on.


University Community for Democracy

Against eviction of students from college hostels


Vice Chancellor Deepak Pental

Delhi University

This year students from a number of hostels in Delhi University have been evicted in order to renovate the hostels and make them available for the Commonwealth Games. This has left students at the mercy of private accommodation, with its unregulated rents and precarious guarantees. To make the situation worse, rent rates are rising in anticipation of the increased demand for PGs and flats, making accommodation unaffordable for incoming as well as existing residents.

Girls face an additional problem. The lack of a viable and safe alternative to hostel accommodation has compelled many girls seeking admission in DU to rethink their decision. The University has thus failed to consider living conditions around campus, especially from a gender-sensitive perspective. And we can only begin to imagine what it must be like for those with physical disabilities to navigate around dug-up roads, unmarked holes and hazardous construction material.

The University has made no attempt to devise a mechanism to control or subsidise rents. Instead, we have been informed that since the decision to evict students was taken by individual colleges, the University bears no responsibility. However, we contend that a decision of such consequence, which affects the lives of so many students, must be ratified by a central University authority. And given that it carries such adverse consequences for students, we demand that the University fulfil its obligations to the student community and safeguard the interests of its wellbeing. With unregulated rents as the only option for outstation students, in turn raising the cost of living, this raises serious concerns about who can have access to education in Delhi University.

Finally, the entire process through which the decision for renovation and use of hostels for Commonwealth Games was taken has been shrouded in mystery. The growing culture of bypassing democratic norms and procedures within the university, as has been seen in the case of the Semester System as well, is an undesirable trend and we stand to condemn it.

We cannot tolerate such deliberate and avoidable irresponsibility. We therefore make the following demands from the University:

· The mapping of areas in an around Delhi University Campuses (North and South) in order to regulate the rents with immediate effect.

· Those students evicted by College authorities in concerned Hostels be exempted from the hostel fees for the next session.


University Community for Democracy

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