Social And Gender Analysis (SAGA- 2)

Social And Gender Analysis (SAGA- 2)

Towards gender responsive and transformative leadership

8-12 November, 2010 at Visthar, Bangalore

This training in SAGA is the second in the series of capacity building programmes we have planned for activists and staff of civil society organizations in Karnataka. The first in the series was held in September and had 30 participants. Since in the first SAGA we could not accommodate all those applied, we are offering a repeat of the same in November.


The SAGA training aims at developing perspectives and skills for gender responsive and transformative leadership in the development sector. The specific objectives include:

· Analysis of socio-political and economic realities in India today

· Understanding personal and social constructs of gender and other identities

· Understanding of concepts of gender and gender relations, and their origin in the system of patriarchy, capitalism and caste in the Indian context.

· Understanding of the recent debates on concepts of gender, third gender, masculinities, women’s rights and empowerment.

· Rethinking strategies for women’s and other marginalized sections empowerment in the context of globalization and other emerging realities.


· India today : Issues and challenges

· Personal constructs of masculinities and femininities

· Concepts of sex and gender, gender roles and gender relations

  • Patriarchy, capitalism and caste in the Indian context.

· Concepts of gender based division of labour, access, ownership, and control over resources, participation in decision making etc.

· The social relations perspective to gender, and the changes in the concepts of gender relations.

· Concepts of human needs and interests, practical gender needs and strategic gender interests etc

· Policy approaches to gender and women’s development

  • Recent debates on concepts of gender, third gender, masculinities, women’s rights and empowerment.

· Poverty – Gender and caste differentiated causes , impact and coping strategies

· The elements of globalisation and its impact on lives and livelihood of the poor, women, dalits and other marginalized groups.

· Strategies for mainstreaming gender / diversity concerns into the work of Civil Society Organizations.


The workshop is designed for women, men & transgender who are working with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) and other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Karnataka. Medium will be in Kannada.


The course will follow an action-reflection-action model and will build on participants own experiences and knowledge base. The methodologies will include group discussions, case studies, role plays, audio-visuals, and input sessions.

Course fee and registration

The course fee is Rs. 3000/- (Rupees three thousand only). This will cover board and lodging and course materials. Participants will have to meet their own travel. A few scholarships are available for activists on a first come first served basis. We request interested candidates to fill in the enclosed form and mail it to us before the 25th of October 2010.

For further details contact: Mercy Kappen, mercykappen, mail /


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