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Nair-Ezhava “unity” move to check Muslim & Christian progress

Bangalore Earlier they saved their Hinduism by fooling the non-Hindu indigenous people through marxism and today the same forces in Kerala want to directly use Hinduism to save their rulership.
Many people in India and outside may think that Kerala, on the west-coast southern tip of India, is a highly literate, clean and efficiently working state of Malayalees. All these may be true to a large extent but what is hidden from outsiders is that Kerala is ruled by a micro-minority of highly caste-conscious racist Brahmins and Nairs.

Vivekananda as he walked through Kerala called it a lunatic asylum. And it continues to be so even to this day.
The ruling Brahmin and shudra Nairs this time have roped in the oppressed Ezhavas, the Backward toddy-tapper caste considered Untouchables till recently. It was the revolutionary Sri Narayana Guru, who liberated the Ezhavas, Kerala’s single largest community forming about 30% of the state population.

Sri Narayana revolted against Brahmins and established his own Shiva temple all over Kerala with Ezhava priests. Yet the Brahmins could not be defeated.
They gradually managed to fool the oppressed Ezhavas by using the marxist mantra. The innocent Ezhavas simply fell flat though the community was never allowed to occupy the chief minister’s chair.
The person responsible for fooling the Ezhavas and making monkeys out of this innocent but unthinking community is the “Modern Shankara”, EMS Namboodiripad.
Today, the same Ezhava leadership under their apex jati organisation, SNDP Yogam, headed by its general secretary, Velupillai Natesan, is all-out to embrace the very Hinduism which pushed his Ezhava jati to slavery.
The Brahmana Jati Party (BJP) is weak in Kerala because its job is being effectively carried out by the state’s two neatly divided political fronts ÑÊthe Congress-led UDF and the Marxist-led LDF. The beauty is both the fronts are united in keeping the Brahmin-Nair rulership in tact.

The Syrian Christians, who claim Brahmin descent, are fully with the ruling class. Their hand-picked man Oommen Chandy is now the Chief Minister of Kerala.
The latest strategy of the Brahmin-Nair ruling clique is to “unite the Hindus” against Muslims and Christians by rousing “anti-minority” hatred. Syrians may be Christians but they never confront the Brahmins. Because blood is thicker than water.

Kerala has 25% Muslims and another 25% Christians. These Muslims and Christians did not come from Arabia or Rome. They are converts from the indigenous SC/ST/BCs who quit “Hinduism” unable to bear Hindu persecution. Both Islam and Christianity liberated the Dalits, Tribals and BCs of Kerala. So, the Brahminical efforts to “unite” Hindus will not succeed. Before “uniting” the Hindus, they must first clarify who is a Hindu.

Dalits, who today are badly divided and leaderless, have been always slaves. And their slavery will continue. What is puzzling is the Ezhava leadership decision to fall into the Brahmin-Nair trap even when every Ezhava in Kerala remember how they persecuted Sri Narayana Guru. The poor guru is weeping in his Sivagiri samadhi.

Manjoor Gopalan from Kanakkary (686 532) adds
The BJP wants to capture power in Kerala where it doesn’t have a single MLA. The UDF and the LDF rule Kerala alternatively. The BJP wants a third front by taking rebels from both the fronts. The Nair Service Society of the Nairs is actively behind this third front move.
P.K. Narayana Panicker of NSS and Vellappally Natesan of the SNDPY advocate the need for “Hindu unity“. Natesan speaking at a Nair meeting at Changanacherry said
” Unity among the various castes of Hindus is the need of the hour… The situation is such that the minorities could swallow the majority. We have only two options Ð either succumb to conversion or commit suicide… If we are able to do away with the differences within the Hindu community, then there will be no communal and religious tension” (Hindu, Jan.1, 2005).
The Hindu nazi agenda is to check the progress of Christians and Muslims. They are instigating Ezhavas and Dalits against Muslims and Christians saying they are cornering all benefits in the name of “minorities”. They have just succeeded in ousting the powerful Muslim Minister Kunhialikutty of the Muslim League.
The Nairs and Brahmins are the two most hated jatis because they constitute the core exploiters. The BJP strategy is to divert this anger from the core group against the minorities.

Will Vellappally Natesan succeed? How will he take away his Ezhavas who are dedicated members of the CPM?
The Ezhavas, being a Backward Caste, stand for job reservation but the Nairs being upper castes are against such a caste-based reservation. Nairs want income- based reservation. The Nairs are also the oppressors of the Ezhavas. The cat and rat cannot make friendship with each other. How can the enemies join together?
The Nair-Ezhava unity will never be practical. At the same time the Christians and Muslims are under the control of their religious leaders. As a result, separate political parties have been formed in Kerala for each religion. The Kerala Congress (M.Jacob, Joseph) and the Muslim League are examples. Without the support of these political parties no government can be formed here. Hindus in Kerala are a conglomeration of hundreds of jatis. They have different modes of beliefs and style of life. There is no unity among the different “Hindu” jatis. They are more interested in their jati than their religion.

Religion does not bind a people but creates only harmony for participating in the religious functions. Dr. Ambedkar said

” But here again there are limits to what religion can do. Religion can help to produce justice within a community. Religion cannot produce justice between communities… The call of nation and the call of community has proved more powerful than the call of religion for justice. ” (W&S, Vol.5, p.398).
Our Editor said

” Ethnic pull is more powerful than any religion and there is no such religion in the world which can weld different communities together. Even revolutionary Islam, which normally transforms a person after conversions, remains a house divided. Pakistan, called an Islamic republic, is the best example.” (Caste A Nation Within the Nation, p.81).

The Hindu nazis want to use anti-Muslim hatred to unite the SC/ST/BCs in the name of “Hindu unity”. Such a Brahminical trick has to be viewed seriously by the oppressed classes.

These forces want to blackout our Editor’s book, Caste ÑÊA Nation Within the Nation. The “intellectuals” among the Hindu nazis know that this book has the potential to unite the people. They have carefully studied the book which exposed the “Hindu unity” tactics”.
Our Editor said

” The most important point to be seriously noted by intellectuals among the Bahujans is that our Aryan enemy is extremely worried over our theory of caste identity. It is worried because this caste identity theory will never be able to keep the SC/ST/BCs together under its control in the name of Hinduism/Hindutva, Hindu nationalism and Hindu unity”. (Ibid p.75).

The alarming development of the alliance between the Nairs and the Ezhavas in Kerala has to be viewed very seriously and has to be opposed vehemently. This can be done by strengthening our “caste identity”.

We should strengthen each caste and caste organisations because caste is good but casteism is bad. The present alliance between the Nairs and the Ezhavas in Kerala will be a threat to the unity among the SC/ST/BCs.

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  1. bobby said,

    December 23, 2010 at 7:57 AM

    nice article.

  2. Sam said,

    August 16, 2011 at 2:10 PM

    This is the truth

  3. pradeep said,

    August 25, 2011 at 1:18 PM

    it is too plain…not encompassing the whole truth…and part truths are more dangerous than knowing nothing at all…

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