A Dalit Leader Attacked in Pathanamthitta,Kerala, by CPI(M)-RSS Coalition.

Dalit Leader  from  Pathanamthitta,Kerala, Attacked  by  CPI(M)-RSS Coalition.

Pathanamthitta: 21  of  March,2011  a  Groups  of  CPI( M) and RSS  activists  were attacked    the former  councilor  and  Sambava  Maha Sabha`s  Pathanamthitta  District President ( a  Dalit  community  organization in  Kerala) Mr.C.K.Arjunan  and  his  Family .

Mr.Arjuan  and  his  family  where now  undergoing  treatment in in the  Pathanamthitta  Taluk  Hospital  due  to  head   injury  and  his  daughter  was seriously  injured  during  the  attack  of  CPIM activists. A  case  was  Registered  by  the  police ,Pathanamthitta with  Petty  case  due  to  the  political  pressure  from  CPIM.As  per  the  Report  of  the  police,  it  is  a  minor  case,  but  Mr.C.K.Arjunan  and  his  family under  gone  severe  treatment,  his  daughter serious  health  problem,  due  to  this,   she  can`t walk  up to toilet. Even  now  police saying it is  a  minor case.

Sambhva  Mahasabha  Called  for  a  Protest March and  Students  wing  of  Congress done  a  SP office  march. Even  now  the police  is  not  booked under SC(PoA).  The  various  Dalit Organizations  in  Pathanamthitta  called  for  SP  Office  march  on March 31 in  protest  against  the non arrest  of  the culprits.

Published by: Joint  Action  forum  against  Dalits  Attacks,  Pathanamthitta,Kerala


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  1. K.G.Soman said,

    May 27, 2011 at 12:55 AM

    I really felt pity about your incident . In the mean time I would like to remind you that your org supporting to the CPIM with a largest number of members. Capitalism Vs. Communism- this we have studied. Now-a-days the isms are failed totally.Only Amedkarism is remaining in a proper manner.The followers are vey low. you people pretending as Ambedkarite, but working Just opposite of Ambedker views. I mean, SMS is just against to accept the sambava xians.you are telling to accept only hindus. Ambedker says to never belive Hidus. Caste Hindus created castism.Manu Vadi people compelled you to neglet your own born cristian sambavas. In south portion of the Kerala state most of the sambavas belongs to xian Religion. you do not want the cristian sambavas? Is it mbedkarite thought? If you belive,or foliowing Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkers thoughts, realise yourselves and join with all sambavas whether he belongs to xian,budhist,muslim or any other Religion. Caste is an identity of a human being. it stops when he dies.Religion is a faith. It shall be changed at any time.

    Be a broad minded personality. Really I felt ashamed that you and your family attacked by SMS worsping Political party. you belive only sambav family not to others. If you belive in deep again this shall be happend.

    If you need any kind of help from my side (exept money) please do not hesitate to get in touch with.My phone number is 9496773205.
    If you could do google search please ges through(1) >sambavasangamneyyattinkarapuraskaram<

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