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May 16, 2011


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2011 Australian Govt Scholarships for Developing Countries
Scholarships for international students from developing countries from Australian Government to study for postgraduate degree in Australian Universities Study Subject:.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Fully Funded PhD in Cancer Rehabilitation at Swansea University, UK

The College of Human and Health Sciences Funded PhD studentship in coping interventions for couples living with Prostate Cancer at.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

International PhD Programme Helmholtz Graduate School, 2011 in MDC, Germany

Doctorate Programme Helmholtz Graduate School in the field of Natural Sciences in Max-Delbrück Centre -2011, Germany Study Subject:Natural Sciences Employer:Max.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Master and Doctoral Studentship in Bioinformatics at German Cancer Research Center 2011

2011 Scholarships in Theoretical Bioinformatics and Cellular Biology in DKFZ Germany Study Subject:Bioinformatics and Cellular Mechanics Employer: German Cancer Research.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2011 Scholarships for MBA Students at University of Westminster in UK

University of Westminster funded Scholarships in MBA, UK Study Subject: Management Employer: University of Westminster Level: Master’s Scholarship Description: Unless.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

CICOPS Scholarships for Developing Countries at University of Pavia, 2011 in Italy

University of Pavia Funded CICOPS Scholarships for Research Students in the area of Development studies for Developing Countries in Italy.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2011 Call for Applications for Africa Initiative Graduate Research Grant, Africa

Africa Initiative Graduate Research Grant for Master’s or PhD Student in the field of Development Studies, Natural Resources Management, Public.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

University of Victoria Graduate Student Fellowships 2012-2013, Canada
Fellowship to University of Victoria graduate students for promoting the interdisciplinary study. Study Subject: Culture,Ethics, Health, Law, Environment, Technology, Government.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

PhD Scholarship in Radiochemistry at Technical University of Denmark
PhD Scholarship in the field of Radio chemistry at Technical University of Denmark Study Subject: Radiochemistry Employer:Technical University of Denmark.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

PhD Studentship at German Cancer Research Center, Germany
German Cancer Research Center calls for PhD Studentship in Molecular Genetics of Breast Cancer in Germany Study Subject:Molecular Genetics of.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Denmark Technical University offers PhD Scholarship in Urban Water Engineering
PhD Scholarship in the field of Urban Water Engineering at Technical University of Denmark Study Subject:Urban Water Engineering Employer: Technical.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Two PhD Position: Acquisition of Prosodic Encoding of Focus Across Languages, Netherlands
Utrecht University offers PhD Position in the Faculty of Humanities in Acquisition of Prosodic Encoding of Focus Across Languages in.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Postdoctoral Position in Mobile Sound Interaction, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
KTH School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC) announces a postdoctoral position in Mobile Sound Interaction. Study Subject:Mobile Sound Interaction.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Postdoctoral Researcher Positions in Computer Graphics, Spain
Post doc Positions in Computer Graphics in Spain in the research project of European AAL Programme Study Subject: Computer Graphics.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Research Position in Cropping Systems Agronomy at AfricaRice in Cotonou
Research Assistant Job at Africa Rice Center in Cotonou, Benin at the GSS level in Cropping Systems Agronomy. Study Subject:.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2011 Research Positions at Wildlife Institute of India in India
Government of India Funded Senior Research Fellowships and Junior Research Fellowships for Various Project at Wildlife Institute of India in .. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2011 Ibrahim Leadership Fellowship with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
Leadership Fellowship Programme for young professionals, mid-career and executives residing anywhere in the world in the field of Leadership Development.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

2011 Postdoctoral Position in Medicine and Biosciences at Research Center Borstel in Germany
Postdoctoral Position in the field of Medicine and Biosciences at Research Center Borstel in Germany-2011 Study Subject: Medicine and Biosciences.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Postdoctoral Position in Cardiovascular Development in Zebrafish at MDC in Germany
Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine offers Postdoctoral Position in Cardiovascular Development in Zebrafish-2011 Study Subject:Cardiovascular Development in Zebrafish Employer:.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

Intermediate Fellowships for Researchers in India 2011
Intermediate Fellowships scheme supports excellent scientists who wish to undertake high-quality research and to establish themselves as independent researchers in.. [Read Full Scholarship Detail]

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Government Funded Scholarships for International Students for Various Programme 2011

This scholarship blog consists of information pertaining to Government funded scholarships. These government Scholarships are for International Students. National governments.. [Read More..]

Tips for Writing a Good Statement of Purpose

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Scholarship for Nigerian Students 2011

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Urgent media release: World Bank Ombudsman Accepts Complaint Against GMR Project in Odisha

Feminist @ LAW

From: ponni arasu <mailponni>
Subject: [feministsindia] Fwd: Launch of feminists@law
To: alfexternal, feministsindia
Date: Friday, 13 May, 2011, 9:40 AM

Dear all,

We are delighted to announce the launch of feminists@law, a new, peer-reviewed, online, open access journal of feminist legal scholarship. You are warmly invited to visit our website at, and to pass on this email and our details to your networks.

In the first issue

The first issue features an article on the association between feminist and open access movements by Carys Craig, Joseph Turcotte and Rosemary Coombe; reflections by Drucilla Cornell on the 20th anniversary of the publication of Beyond Accommodation: Ethical Feminism, Deconstruction and the Law; thoughts on current and future agendas for feminist legal studies from Africa, Europe, North and South America and Australia; and a video of a roundtable discussion with Brenna Bhandar, Julia Chryssostalis, Elena Loizidou and Janice Richardson on the ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’ of feminist legal scholarship.

About the journal

feminists@law aims to publish critical, interdisciplinary, theoretically engaged scholarship that extends feminist debates and analyses relating to law and justice (broadly conceived). It has a particular interest in critical and theoretical approaches and perspectives that draw upon postcolonial, transnational and poststructuralist work. We intend to publish material in a range of print and multimedia formats and in English and other languages. We are committed to an international perspective, to the promotion of feminist work in all areas of law and justice, and to making that work widely available through open access publishing. We plan to publish two issues per year, but each issue will be built incrementally, meaning that new articles will be posted as soon as they are ready for publication.

Register your interest

Registration with the journal will enable you to submit articles for consideration, to receive automatic email updates when new issues are published, and to indicate an interest in acting as a reviewer for the journal. You can also receive journal updates via RSS, Facebook and Twitter.

We hope you will enjoy reading the first issue, and will be keen to comment on the articles, to register on the site, and to submit articles for publication. We would also be interested in any feedback you may have on the journal.

Best wishes,

The Editors


Permanent Ban On ENDOSULPHAN

Dear friends,

Perhaps you are aware that more than 9000 victims of Endosulfan have been identified in Kasargod district of Kerala alone, out of which over 4800 patients are bedridden.. Over thousand victims ofEndosulfanhave already died in Kasargod District. Similar effects are also being witnessed today in Idukki, Palakkad & Kannur in Kerala and Dakshin Kannada, Kodagu and Udupi and Bhatkal in Karnataka. Already, 74 countries all over the world have banned Endosulfan.A recent ban in Australia cited the health impacts in India as one of the reasons for the ban. In this context, we, the Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns, a forum of different activist groups in Bangalore, strongly condemn the stand of Government India for not calling for a permanent ban of Endosulfan.

Endosulfancan cause severe health impacts including deformities in limbs, loss of motor nervous control, brain damage, delayed puberty and cancer. It persists in the environment for a long time, circulates globally and passes on from the mother to the child, causing intergenerational health effects. Though the Kerala Government has announced a meagre package for the victims of Endosulfan, the Karnataka Government which has also banned the dreaded pesticide is yet to initiate a proper interim relief for the victims of Endosulfan in the state.

The representatives of the Government of India who initially argued against the ban of Endosulfan at the recent UN Conference in Geneva, however with a strong international and activist pressure from India, they have agreed for the global ban with certain exceptions for 22 agricultural products including Paddy, Maize, Coffee, Tea, cashew, mango and many others, till they find proper alternative. This means that the users of these products like us will continue to consume the deadly chemical Endosulfan. Already, four victims of Endosulfan have recently died, just weeks after the Geneva conference. Just imagine, how many more will die before a permanent ban as well as proper relief, rehabilitation and compensation becomes a reality!

The Government of India claims that there are no proper alternatives for Endosulfan. But the farmers in this country were efficiently involved in agriculture before chemical pesticides came into being. Today, the reality is that more and more farmers using chemical pesticides are turning to organic farming, since the chemicals are destroying the soil. The use of Endosulfan has only helped to destroy the fertility of the soil and destroy all friendly insects which benefited the agriculture. Its long term use will only convert pests into super pests which can not be killed by any pesticide. Therefore, agricultural scientists all over the world have recommended its ban.

There are more than 150 health studies published in the internationally reputed medical journals. All these papers prove scientifically that Endosulfancauses serious health issues. The survivors of Kasargod have already been victimized by 16 major studies. All of them have citedEndosulfanas a problem. We hereby strongly condemn the decision of the Government of India to harass the victims of Endosulfan with one more study by ICMR, in order to find out whether Endosulfan is really dangerous or not. The number of years the study will take will only delay the justice for thousands of victims.

We therefore demand:

1. A permanent and immediate ban on Endosulfan all over the country.

2. Proper relief, rehabilitation and compensation to the survivors of Endosulfan.

3. Severe action including criminal prosecution of the corporates, central and state government authorities who were responsible for causing & continuing to cause irreversible health disaster on the victims & their families ,

We extend our strong solidarity with the people’s movement against Endosulfan in Kasargod which sustained a struggle for 14 years, in spite of facing diverse problems. A photo exhibition on the issue of Endosulfan by well known photographer Madhuraj is being exhibited in different parts of Bangalore. Those who can organize this may kindly get in touch with us. A convention on Endosulfan is being planned on June 5, 2011, on the Environment Day, with the participation of the representatives of the movement in Kasargod and Peoples’ activist Medha Patkar. A protest on this issue will take place on June 5that Town Hall in the evening. We request you to inform all like minded friends and extend all support to make this campaign a success.

Peoples’ Solidarity Concern

SC bans endosulfan production, sale and use

Post Box # 46,Mavelikara-690101
Mob- +91 99 46 75 71 78 / +91 8907704079

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