Thasarism: Sectarianism Vs Universalism

Thasarism: Sectarianism Vs Universalism

On the name of Buddhism there are many sects. There are efforts to unite all those sects and bring unity at international level. There are efforts to develop the concept of Dhamma, which is universal to help non Buddhists to read Buddha’s teaching and practice the Noble Eight Fold Path. Many of the westerners, who do not believe in any religious identity accepts Dhamma, the universal teaching of Buddha and practicing it. It is pathetic in Tamil Nadu that some people trying to label Pandit Iyothi Thasar’s Buddhism as “Tamil Buddhism” and try to create another sect into Buddhism. The people who develop this concept, “Tamil Buddhism” are not really interested in Buddhism, but they are interested in Tamilism. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s interpretation is never called “Marathi Buddhism”. Rather, it is called Universal Buddhism or Humanistic. Hence, the entire world is looking forward Babasaheb’s interpretation of Buddha’s teaching. Buddhism is universal and Tamilism is parochial. Tamils is an ascribed and parochial status. Follower of Buddha is an achieved and universal status. Anyone can become follower of Buddha, because it is open to all. A Telugu cannot be Tamil or Tamil Buddhist, because, it is closed to a small group. The real followers of Buddha go beyond Buddhist identity or even human identity and call themselves as beings and try to become good or great beings. Pandit Iyothi Thasar interpretation of Buddha’s teaching is universal. The Tamil parochialism is bringing down the universal interpretation of Panit Iyothi Thasar into very narrow and sectarian level.

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