Dear Friends

Sight & Sound is a nonprofit organization working on collecting and disseminating information and communication. It is registered under Karnataka Trust Act. The present resources for the existance of this organization are to take assignment from other organizations on research and documentation in text and audio- visual form and making documentary films for other organizations.

Sight & Sound have its own documentary production. Our last production is “Land-the Livelihood”, a 30 minits film addressing different issues on land ownership of the dalits according to upper class/ caste grabbing their lands, land privatization, land acquisition,SEZ and government’s policies on land. The film was shot in four south Indian states.

Our ongoing production is “ A Nation for Sale” It addressing the agrarian crises. Agriculture is as old as human civilization. Till decade back farmers were lead a sustainable life. By the introduction of green revolution to address the food security of the growing population in India, the farmers turn to conventional farming by using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It destroys the environment, bio-diversity, and consumer’s health and leads the farmers in to debt trap.1995 to 2010, 256949 farmers have committed suicide, due to debt burden. Problems of food security are haunting us every day. How safe is the food we eat? How secure is the process of food production? What kind of protection are we giving to our food producers?. Govt of India is providing 1,20,000 crore rupees as subsidy to fertilizer manufacturing companies every year. That much money is sufficient to save the farmers from the debt trap and committing suicide.

The film A Nation for Sale probes deep into the hearts of farmers to find a solution for the betterment of their lifestyles. This movie is an attempt to reduce the debt burden of the farmers by practising sustainable agriculture and enable them to achieve sustenance and self-respect. It also gives some essential guidelines for the policymakers to draft such policies as to improve the process of agriculture in harmony with nature.

Sight & Sound published a booklet “who the Terrorist”.It analysis the organised crime prevention acts all the states and Armed Force Special Power Act (AFSPA)

Sight & Sound organized a film festival “.Understanding Holocaust”. with the collaboration with three other organisation. We screened 11 films on European holocaust 1933 to 45. It was a three days festival; about one thousand people watch the film and understood the history and the impact of holocaust.

Sight & Sound done a study on land issue at Anekal taluke for a Anekal based organisation and made a text document

At present Sight & Sound is facing some problems about our existance and to finish the film A Nation for Sale. It is in final stage. It started at 2009, because of economic crses it went on. Now anothe 4 days studio work needed for recording the Voiceover, mixing and titling. So we request the organisation to provide assaignments to us as research and documentation on text and audio-visual forms on issue based and event documentation intext and audio-visual form



Cell: 9844407522/ 9986311686

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