An Urgent Appeal to All Friends of NFDLRM

Dear Friends

Greetings !

I wanted to draw your attention on very serious issues, land acquisition Bill and Resettlement and Rehabilitation Bill are on its final stage and most of the civil society and so called peoples movements groups are putting their full energy to influence it in term of famers interest. But somehow Dalits concerns are still unaddressed properly as none of the major Dalits group has come forward to initiate debate on these bills on national level. Most probably UPA Govt will present this bill in the upcoming Maansoon session.

The much awaited comprehensive draft of the land acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation Bill promised by Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh was put in public domain for comments yesterday. The proposed draft is available on

As national platform on Dalits Land Rights it is our principal responsibility to take up this issue and tender our concerns before the UPA Govt. and have to influence ongoing process of civil society and peoples movement to inculcate our concerns on their demands.

I understand that we are in a very crucial stage and really not able to meet out the expenses but even after all these odds we have to take up our role and play as max possible .

Therefore I appeal to all the friends to please start communication and come forward with a short term plan and try your best. Minimum one formal informal discussion should be start immediate.

My health condition is very crucial due to clot in the brain but I am ready to volunteer for the coordination.

I hope all the comrades will contribute on my appeal and come forward for intervention on this very important juncture.

Warm Regards !

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