Adopt a Dalit Village

Adopt a Dalit Village


Dalits are the people formerly known as untouchables. The largest population of Dalits is in India, where Hinduismand the caste system are traditionally associated with the evil practice of untouchability.

Dalits have been historically excluded from human society. Discrimination affects every aspect of their life: health, housing, education, work, marriage and social interaction. Tens of millions of Dalits are trapped in debt bondage. Their access to modern medical care is almost non-existent. They are exploited as vote banks with little hope of improvement, and they are targets for religious conversion. Rampant superstition, the practice of internal untouchability and desperate poverty are the hallmark of most Dalit communities.

What can YOU do to help?

Join hands with IHEU and Adopt a Dalit Village!

It will cost just €3000 or $4000 a year to make a positive difference to the lives of nearly a thousand Dalit men, women and children. That is just $4 a year per person and you have to commit to contribute for 3 years.

IHEU will monitor and report regularly to the donors. The details of this scheme and how your money will be used are available at

Two villages have already been adopted: Gottiparthi village in South India by the French Entraide et Solidarité and Malwabar village in North India by the Dutch Humanists. Keshavapuram village in South India will soon join them. 5 other villages have been identified. Dozens more want to benefit from Humanist action. Tens of thousands are waiting for their lives to be changed through Humanism’s liberating power.

This program has already made a difference to the lives of nearly 2000 persons. Members of Dalit communities are exposed to modern medical care; Dalit children are introduced to schooling; Dalit youth are trained to battle the superstitions in their communities; Dalit women are offered counselling to improve their lot. Highly trained local volunteers have joined hands to extend help. Above all, many Dalit individuals are beginning to be hopeful.

Act in the name of human solidarity.

To adopt a Dalit village send an email to president

Post Box # 46,Mavelikara-690101


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