News reports say that the Orissa government is once again planning an
assault on the proposed POSCO project area. Apparently at least 14
platoons of police will attempt to attack the coastal side of the
villages. This comes after the people of Dhinkia and
Gobindpur heroically resisted police attacks for more than two months
in the heat of summer, drawing the attention of the entire country. It
also comes in the wake of a grossly illegal clearance to the project
from the Environment Ministry, in direct violation of the Forest Rights
Act, despite two of the Ministry’s own enquiry committees finding that
the grant of clearance would be a crime. Moreover, the Centre itself
now claims that projects of this kind will be subject, under its
proposed new law, to the consent of 80% of the local community.
Despite all this, the Orissa government is relaunching its criminal
offensive, and the Centre as usual is doing nothing to stop it or to
uphold the law. The sheer absurdity and injustice of the upcoming
attack is further shown by the fact that, for more than a year, POSCO
and the Orissa government have not even been able to renew their MoU on
the project. When there is no agreement on what the project should be,
what is the need to attack people and grab their land?

We condemn the imminent criminal attack on the peaceful people of the
POSCO project area. We stand with them in their struggle agianst this
destructive, unjust and illegal project.

Please send your endorsement to

Asit Email id: asit1917

Prof Manoranjan Mohanty POSCO Pratirodh Solidarity Delhi

Ajit Jha Samajwadi Janaparishad

Prafulla Samantra NAPM

Vijay Pratap Socialist Front

Shankar Gopal Krishnan Campaign for Survival and Dignity

Kiran Shaheen Media Action Group Delhi

Mamta Das POSCO Pratirodh Solidarity Delhi

Subrat Sahu POSCO Pratirodh Solidarity Delhi

Asit Das POSCO Pratirodh Solidarity Delhi

Bhanumati POSCO Pratirodh Solidarity Delhi

DR Arati choksi general secretary pucl karnataka

Faisal Khan NAPM DELHI

Amit Chakravarty Research Scholar JNU

Nayan Jyoti Krantikari Naujawan Sabha, Delhi

Subhasini Shreeya Krantikari Naujawan Sabha, Delhi

Arya Thomas Research Scholar JNU

Prakash Kumar Ray Editor

Rajnikant Mudgal Socialist Front Delhi



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